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"The Millennials show all the signs of becoming the greatest generation in human history."
- Neil Howe

Developing Your Leaders for Your Future

#2020BEYOND was developed by Bob Berk with millennials in mind to help companies identify and develop their future leaders today. The program is intended for attracting and developing millennials for tomorrow’s leadership roles.

Each session I am energized by the thought-provoking discussions. I find myself thinking about it long after the day has ended.

Bryan E.

If you can see yourself as a transformational leader, this program is for you.

Megan C.

I like the small groups that have been created. You feel like you are in the same boat when it comes to the most challenging topics or issues.

Ben M.

Bob creates a safe environment that encourages constructive feedback. I have found that I learn so much by hearing feedback, not only to myself, but others.

Lisa L.

This program has helped me to be more self-aware. The better you know yourself, the better you can communicate.

Rosa F.

#2020BEYOND is a Millennial Development Program

The Program is designed to deliver Self Awareness, Leadership & Culture, Financial Acumen, and Execution. We are also teaching them how to be a better part of a team & to lead a team to give and to get both positive and constructive feedback, and to work on their communication skills.

Self Awareness

By using self-assessment tools like Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Organization Analysis and Design (OAD) survey and leadership habits, participants will learn how they-and others-view the world.

Leadership & Culture

An exceptional leader connects the company with the future through vision and culture development. By stepping out of their comfort zone participants will develop and enhance their understanding of rate of change.

Growing Enterprise Value

Full immersion into the economics that underpin a business will be introduced. Participants will develop a deeper understanding of how to leverage the drivers of key performance metrics that deliver extraordinary financial performance.


The art of execution begins with a clear vision, which transitions into a culture of accountability. Participants will learn the key disciplines of successful execution: goal setting, measuring progress and accountability.


Our Program Facilitators

Are Renowned Leaders, Entrepreneurs & CEOs

Members are coached by experienced corporate leaders, executive coaches, and entrepreneurs who will cover each segment the program is designed to deliver.

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Why #2020BEYOND is the must-attend program for your millennial?

Let's ask other C-level Executives!

Scott MayerCEO, Ambulatory Management Solutions

“To get the most out of this program, you have to be mature enough to allow yourself to be vulnerable. Self-evaluation and vulnerability are the keys to learning. If you aren’t willing to dedicate yourself to that, then this program will be a waste of time. I encourage participants to incorporate what they’ve learned from #2020BEYOND into their everyday work. The networking is so beneficial when you find others working towards the same goals. Having peers to talk through work challenges and how to approach obstacles is one of the greatest benefits. To be able to present and be evaluated by highly regarded and successful executives is a priceless learning opportunity that you can’t get anywhere else.”

Jason StroimanPresident, Evans Senior Investments

“#2020BEYOND teaches Millennials to think like leaders. This program provides great tools for success: respected speakers, hands-on education, and networking to set them apart from their peers. I’ve watched the young man I enrolled in the program develop into a leader. He’s conscious of the way he communicates. I’ve observed him taking what he’s learned from the program to coach his subordinates.”

Amy E. JungeCEO, Zacharias Center

“Strong leaders make strong successful organizations. #2020BEYOND gives your star employees the perspective, experience and ability to think and solve issues at a higher strategic level. The program will also help your employees/leaders build better relationships with customers, directly impacting your bottom line.”

Jeff MariolaCEO, Digital BrandWorks

“I enrolled one of our high potential managers into the #2020BEYOND program. Over the last eight months I’ve witnessed a tremendous improvement in her interpersonal skills. The work done on emotional intelligence and self evaluation has given her the confidence to deal with conflict and day to day management at a much higher level. So much so that she was recently promoted to manage the entire business.”

Dave SchreinerCEO, KSB Hospital

“#2020BEYOND is a real-world MBA program. It combines best-in-class videos and lectures with live stories from the participants that widen the scope of thought for the participants. All of this is facilitated by Bob Berk, one of the most successful executive coaches in the country.”

Tina MentzCOO, Ambulatory Management Solutions

“#2020BEYOND teaches Millennials to be self-aware. It forces them to take part in activities that are outside their comfort zones. Participants learn business concepts that they likely wouldn’t have been exposed to even through formal education or previous work experience. It’s easy, especially for young professionals, to be laser-focused on their specific role in the business world, but #2020BEYOND touches on all aspects of business.”

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