Leadership Development with Millennials in Mind

#2020BEYOND is a Millennial-focused leadership program

helping companies identify and develop their future leaders today.

Meet the Team

Self Awareness

Learn how they-and-others-view the world

Leadership & Culture

Develop and enhance understanding of rate of change

Growing Enterprise Value

Develop extraordinary financial performance


Learn the key disciplines of successful execution

Developing Your Leaders for Your Future

#2020BEYOND was developed by Bob Berk with millennials in mind to help companies identify and develop their future leaders today. The program is intended for attracting and developing millennials for tomorrow’s leadership roles.

Program Qualification

Ideal candidates for this program are young leaders in your company that you see as high potential that are on track to achieving a C-level position.

This curriculum based, interactive program will involve a collaborative, team based approach where participants will meet formally once a month to learn the fundamentals of leadership. Teams will be formed to create as diverse a mix as possible to leverage backgrounds, experiences and skill sets. Each team member will have an opportunity to present a case study as there will be a new case study introduced on a quarterly basis. Continuous feedback will be provided by peers as well as by Bob to aid in the learning and development aspect of the program.

Build A Success Story

Upon the successful completion of the program your future leaders will develop:

  • More complex decision-making skills
  • Deeper understanding of financials that deliver extraordinary performance
  • Skills to build culture within a company
  • Superior communications skills
  • Effective leadership skills
  • Enhanced personal accountability
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#2020BEYOND Curriculum

Business Leadership Course

#2020BEYOND was created with Millennials in mind to help CEOs and business owners attract, develop, and retain top talent and future leaders.

#2020BEYOND Experience

Testimonial by Courtney Wright

CEO Courtney Wright describes the impact of #2020BEYOND -- Her Millennial employees are noticeably more confident and stronger leaders. Courtney Wright is an experienced leader and entrepreneur, coach, and speaker. She is founder and President of CDW Merchants – a $35 million dollar retail-display and e-commerce packaging company. Wright is passionate about giving professionals the confidence and vision to achieve leadership in their companies, and drive the success they desire. Wright is not only a CEO sponsor of #2020BEYOND, but also serves as a lead facilitator.

#2020BEYOND Experience

Testimonial by Michael Episcope

Michael Episcope is Principal & Co-founder of Origin Investments, a real estate investment firm shares how sending one high-potential young professional to #2020BEYOND boosted morale across his entire company and inspired others to want to take part.

#2020BEYOND Experience

Bob Berk on Leadership Success

Bob Berk is an accomplished entrepreneur, executive coach, and published author, and is founder of #2020BEYOND. Berk coaches more than 100 CEOs and C-suite executives in the Chicago area, and is praised for his ability to bring clarity and invaluable perspective to leadership and business issues.

By The Year 2020
By The Year 2025
Did You Know?

Millennials will make up 65% of the workforce by the year 2020. 75% by the year 2025.

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#2020BEYOND is a Millennial Development Program

The Program is designed to deliver Self Awareness, Leadership & Culture, Financial Acumen, and Execution. We are also teaching them how to be a better part of a team & to lead a team to give and to get both positive and constructive feedback, and to work on their communication skills.

Self Awareness

By using self-assessment tools like Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Organization Analysis and Design (OAD) survey and leadership habits, participants will learn how they-and others-view the world.

Leadership & Culture

An exceptional leader connects the company with the future through vision and culture development. By stepping out of their comfort zone participants will develop and enhance their understanding of rate of change.

Growing Enterprise Value

Full immersion into the economics that underpin a business will be introduced. Participants will develop a deeper understanding of how to leverage the drivers of key performance metrics that deliver extraordinary financial performance.


The art of execution begins with a clear vision, which transitions into a culture of accountability. Participants will learn the key disciplines of successful execution: goal setting, measuring progress and accountability.

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